We’ve got you covered

Our expert team will be on hand to complete the following on your equipment:


The hassle-free service could not be easier for you.

We will:

1. Arrange collection of your medical equipment from your site
2. Work on your equipment at our Head-Office workshop
3. Return your passed medical equipment, along with printed test certificates.

We aim to return your medical equipment within 5 days* of receipt. To ensure the smooth running of your practice continues, we also offer an Equipment Loan Service. We recognise the need for providing great value, and to support you in extending the lifespan of your equipment we have also heavily invested in specific Spirometry testing.


Inspection & Repair

At Williams Medical Supplies, we believe in offering our customers the best value by repairing or servicing equipment wherever possible to extend the lifespan and ultimately save you money!

Alongside our Careplan offering, we are proud to offer a broad range of services to an ever expanding list of Medical equipment (both onsite and in conjunction with our manufacturing partners)

The list of equipment we can test, service, repair or calibrate includes but is not limited to:

– Blood Pressure Monitors
– Medical Scales inc baby
– Spirometers
– Calibration syringes
– Defibrillators
– Nebulisers
– Dopplers
– ECG Machines
– Pulse Oximeters
– Ophthalmoscopes/ Otoscopes
– Height Measurers
– Suction Pumps
– Thermometers
– Ear Irrigators

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